President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Address by the President of the Republic of Tajikistan H.E. Emomali Rahmonov to the Majlisi Oli of the Republic of Tajikistan

20.04.2006 13:00, Dushanbe city

Dear members of Majlisi Milli and the representatives of Majlisi Namoyandagon!
Dear compatriots!

The address of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan this year to Supreme legislative authority – Majlisi Oli is presented in a time when our country is on the eve of vital and new great historic event - the 15th anniversary of State Independence of Tajikistan.

The fifteen years of new history of our country and nation were tragic period, years of solution of the problem of being or not being of Tajikistan State, ensuring peace and stability, national conciliation and unity, preparation period of the basis of transition from one political, economic, social and cultural system to a fully new one, and as a whole were years of establishment and strengthening the fundaments of independent state of Tajikistan and new Tajik state-governing.

Despite all those taught difficulties of the period we were able to provide connections of our society with today’s modern world the core and basis of which is a democratic, lawful and civil system.

Our way to such a system starts from 16th historical session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Tajikistan that have been the beginning of rescue of our nation from separation and establishing the first brick of peace in ancient land of Tajiks.

Especially, in this period the first documents regulating relations on establishment of the fundament of state governing and symbols of the independent state Tajikistan were adopted.

Due to reestablishment of constitutional authorities and full changes that were introduced to the live of society in our land, there was a necessity to adopt Constitution of the independent state of Tajiks. Those years I have stressed that elaboration and adoption of the Constitution and laws corresponding to the needs of new circumstances and modern period is “one of the key factors of political and social stability of society”.

Moreover, the Constitution of Tajikistan as the first basic law that were adopted through nationwide referendum and according to will and wish of honorable people of Tajikistan among CIS member-countries, in the very sensitive moments of the country’s history has put an end to fight and struggle very dangerous for state governing and has declared Tajikistan as democratic, lawful, secular and social state.

According to the requirements of the Constitution there were adopted constitutional and other important laws aimed at strengthening the fundaments of state governing and legal regulation of the different aspects of economical, social and cultural life in country. As a whole that is a healthy process of legal reforms in the country and provides solid basis for development of the society.

Acceptance and respect to the norms of international law in legal practice of our country is important development.

For the first time in the history of our independent state the documents of international law adopted by Tajikistan were declared in the Constitution as a part of law system of the country.

Since 1992 Tajikistan has adopted and ratified the most international Conventions on human right, ensuring peace and security, combating terrorism, transnational crimes and  illicit drug trafficking.

The holly historical value and the most important factor of all achievements of our nation after state independence, undoubtedly, are national conciliation, peace and political stability. General Agreement on establishment peace and national accord in Tajikistan has shed light on the way of further development of the country.

Constructive role of peace and conciliation became clear, especially, in strengthening and improving the fundaments of state governing that indeed provides necessary basis for protection of national independence, territorial integrity, freedom and rights of human and citizen.

In modern society laws as regulating means of all aspects of society’s life have an important role and position, because development of society is possible only through legal and fair regulation of relations within society.

Therefore, in the countries of the world a special institution and independent body of state authority – parliament is established to elaborate and adopt laws relevant to circumstances and needs of time.

We, committed ourselves as a part of modern world community, have established such a modern body since the beginning of independence. As we have seen today, the Parliament of Tajikistan as a supreme legislative body has passed one cycle of its development.

It should be recalled despite of difficulties of those days we have expressed our opinion on establishment of professional Parliament in 1993 at the 18th session of the Supreme Council. But several factors especially economic difficulties did not provide an opportunity for practical realizations of the opinion.

Due to peace, stability and national conciliation we managed to establish professional Parliament with two chambers in 1999 through introducing changes and amendments to the Constitution of Tajikistan.

Up to day the Parliament of independent Tajikistan during its activity has considered and adopted more than 700 laws that provide legal ground for improvement and development of the society.

Now two independent chambers of the Majlisi Oli of the Republic of Tajikistan that is new phenomenon for us, is acting according to the principle of division of authority and playing key and valuable role in improvement and adoption of the country’s law.

However, the establishment of the professional Parliament is a visible achievement, the use of its wide possibilities is more vital.

In this connection, the representatives of Majlisi Namoyandagon acting permanently have more opportunities for more detailed definition of needs to develop draft laws, their comparison with acting laws, examination and determining conformity of the adopting laws with the needs of time and society as well as finding scientific basis. They have to use these possibilities as much as possible and effectively.

Cooperation between Majlisi Oli and the Government of Tajikistan is conducted according to the norms of the Constitution that is under realization of the right of the Government to legislative initiative. Decision of vital growing issues of the society’s life in particular process of economic, social and cultural reforms of the country request to improve this cooperation.

In this regard, it is necessary, first of all, to envisage legal direction of realization of all programs related to different economic and social spheres. The role and position of Parliament in these issues should be apparent.

It is impossible to organize democratic, lawful, secular and social state without thoroughly defined, independent and fair system of court, law enforcement bodies and military that are faithful to the peoples and Motherland, ready to protect security of nation and state, rights and freedom of human and citizens providing law abidance and order in society.    

Taking into account this important factor, during a number of meetings of the President of the country with representatives of the mentioned bodies, in particular meetings with the judges and staff of the Council of justice on 11 August 2004 and staff of law enforcement bodies and military structures of the country on 24 December 2004 all direction of their activities were analyzed and their role and position each of the bodies in the process of building new state of Tajikistan were defined. They were concretely tasked in order to improve their activities and overcome deficiencies.      

But I consider important to remind again that in the activity of mentioned body still exist situation of committing crimes of corruption, intervene outside the service authority, abuse of duty services, of non statute relations between military representatives and violate of military and official behavior.

As far as with existing gaps, just with worthiness, selfless workers of this body nowadays in our Motherland peace governs and we again for their loyal labor express the gratefulness and believe that in further they fulfill its sacred tasks – protecting achievements of independence and national interests of Tajikistan.

Therefore with the aim of further development of reinforcement bodies activity and military bodies consider important the fulfillment of following:

1.For complete and effective utilization of constitutional control opportunities competence and authority of the Constitutional Court must be developed.

2.With taking to the  account of further development  of country judicial authority – Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Economical Court and Counsel of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan  together joint with state bodies must elaborate and submit the program of legal and judicial reform in the Republic of Tajikistan with considering the today’s country condition.

3.The Heads of ministers, of departments and other responsible persons of reinforcement bodies and military structures are obliged to provide edicts and orders of the Head of State mentioned in meetings of reinforcement and military bodies.    

During the period of independence we managed to create the main foundation for development of civil society with choosing of new ways of country development footnoted to the values, recognized by international community.

Recognition the group of citizens and human rights and freedom, including freedom of expression, different political and ideological approaches, pluralism, and direct participation of people in managing of state affairs for realization of new society requirement opened the way and provided the appearance of civil society elements.

It was mentioned several times that we are in the beginning democratization process of society and in the long way of real development as democratic, lawful and secular country.

It could be said with assurance that with making stable and consistent steps in this way it has been possible for our society to enter to democratic structure, as history knows; just this way is the source of development of centralized society and modern world.

One of our grand achievement  in this way is the signing the Act of conciliation of  Tajikistan society establishment of Social Committee, which assisted to conciliate  of tajik nation, strengthening of peace and  obtaining  political and social forces of country.

Free activity of 8 political parties, 2700 NGOs, 262 newspapers, 81 magazines, 22 TV and radio non-government stations and 9 informational agencies is the clear sign of observation of citizens’ rights and interest, different political approach, free activity of mass media and chosen stable way.

It must be mentioned that this process is irreversible and Tajikistan will create all necessary conditions for its further extension and development.

And great responsibility and human prophecy of all of us – members of Majlisi Milli and Majlisi Namoyandagon, representatives of state bodies, political parties, NGOs, intelligence and of every person consist of serious treatment to nation, future generation and serious responsibility before the Motherland.

Dear Compatriots!

 As you know, the elections of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan will take place on November of this year.  In  accordance  with this important  political  event I want to express  my  point  of view in brief. First of all, I remind that we are as always the supporter of democracy and transparent conduction of elections.  For conducting elections, we have all the necessary conditions, first of all enough experience, appropriate political space and legal bases corresponding to international norms.

Therefore the activities of all participants of elections, as well as political parties have to act transparently in the framework of law and in accordance with international norms.

We have to prove with high political culture that all the political events in our country, as well as the elections of President will take place at high level and will assist for unit of nation, its conciliation and strengthening of further peace.

Dear audience!

   For last years we implemented number of programs on economic and social development of country, by devoting new speed to structured national economy we succeeded to improve to some extend the life level of people.

For last five years the combination of internal products of even 60% or every year in the middle to some extend increase to 9,4%, the level of inflation  decreased  to 7, 1%.

As well development of finance and tax policy supports increasing of state budget income, this sign has equaled from 12% to 18% combination of internal products.

External debts for 2000 year against combination of internal products was 108%, now generally consist of 31%.

The actual economy is the main source of state budget income. If in 2001 the amount of general budget with account of state investment program composed of 600 million somoni and in 2005 more than 1,6 billion somoni, so in 2006 its volume is foreseen  for 2,2 billion somoni.

Discount of budget in this period decreased to 6 times and at the beginning of this year the combination of internal products has equaled to 0,5%.

One of the basic goals of state policy equally with economic development is to improve quantity and life level of population, providing of social defense of population.

In this direction, a number of programs and concrete measures will be implemented.

It should be noted that the stable economic development assisted for taking off the poverty of quarter population of the country. 

Tajikistan is the first country, which among 82 developing countries for achievement of Millennium Development Goals with support of UN, elaborated the basic directions of National Development Strategy for 2007-2015. 

The main aim is to spread the effective and transparent system of state management, creation of civil society and providing of further stable economic development.

In accordance with given document for future 9 years in our country, the attraction of foreign investment in account of 41,6 million  somoni ($13 billion) is foreseen.

Its implementation will assist to purposeful and stable social economic country development and combination of internal products with account of increasing population, in 2015 for everyone will compose more than 3 thousand somoni.

At present period for wise implementation of Millennium Development Goals and economic policy of state, it’s necessary for us to realize the following tasks:

First, to create appropriate environment for human development, strengthening of intellectual potential, to develop further principles of democracy and flourishing of civil society;

Second, at the same time in the process of reform of executive bodies of local state authority, judicial system and reinforcement bodies, provide the transparency of their activity and strengthening of struggle against corruption and other factors of society’s disadvantages;

Third, equal to reconstruction of economic structure, provide of speed and consistent development of its all sphere;

Fourth, create the corresponding space for increasing of internal and external investment and development of enterprise;

Fifth, an implementation of the balanced budget policy: to keep the capacity of purchasing national currency and graceful discount of the level of inflation;

Sixth, further improvement of the management system, ensuring transparency of economic activities for participants of the market economy;

Seventh, to develop an export potential of the country taking into account economic interests;  

Implementation of the abovementioned task gives possibility in future to keep the increase of economic development indexes at the level of 7 % and in this ground to provide favorable condition for realization of adopted programs.

Taking into account all elements of the market economy for development of a free economy, the Government is striving to provide a solid basis for protection of private property, development of contracting relations, respect of initiative and professionalism of society as well as strengthening position of Tajikistan in international economic relation.

We should provide wide path for all type of fair competition and directed to the benefit of the society.

The State is responsible to eliminate legal, administrative and bureaucratic barriers on the way of initiative activities and to support all fruitful initiatives of private sector.

Taking into account, geographical position and existing opportunities of Tajikistan, development of light industry, metal and agriculture processing, rational use of hydro energy recourses, raw local materials, tourism and service is very important.

Existing management system and its structures should be improved according to the needs of time. Today the existing negative elements of management that encourage an increase of bureaucratic barriers are the reason for decrease of responsibilities of executives.

Therefore, during the passed years the Government is trying to reform a system of state governing fully. Its main aims are to increase efficiency and transparency of activities of the central and local authorities to strengthen system of local self-governing, to fully provide independence of all branches of state authority, to reduce influence of the state to the economic activity to strengthen combating corruption. Conduction of mentioned reforms requests high responsibilities of relevant state authorities.

First of all, for the implementation of state industrial policy, it is necessary to pay attention to analyses of existing production potential and their rational use, introduction of modern production technologies and advanced management experiences.

Past years there were established modern enterprises with the participation of foreign and domestic investors in industry that provides opportunity for production of a wide range of competitive goods.

It is planned to establish 7 new joint ventures on textile, manufacturing and sewing enterprises to introduce in existing textile to enterprises new modern technology aimed at developing of the light industry.

It is necessary for the ministries of the economy and trade and industry jointly with other relevant ministries and bodies to elaborate and propose to the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan a program for processing all cotton produced within the country for the period till 2015.

It is worth to notice that due to harmful of the mechanism of realization of existing laws and normative and legislative documents some enterprises are functioning still without any profit that is the reason for reduction of industrial production.

In this connection, the ministries of economy and trade, finance, states revenues and taxes, industry, agriculture, justice and the state committee on governing of the state property are obliged to examine thoroughly an issue of efficiency of joint ventures and other subjects of economy, to take necessary steps in order to provide profitability increase in the volumes of the competitive goods and if it is necessary to propose to the Government amendments and changes to the existing legislation.

Introduction of new technologies in the biggest enterprise of the country – Tajik Alumina Plant has provided an opportunity to exploit fully its production potential, improve the quality of goods and increase step by step the volume of production.

The contribution of the plant to the economy to the country is significant and it comprises 41% of industrial output of the country.

But the question of processing the goods of the plant within the country still is not solved, while demand in the domestic market for final alumina products is big. At the same time this provides an opportunity to increase export potential of the country.

The same problems are also in processing of gold, silver and decorative stones.  In order to solve the existing difficulties in this direction the Ministry of industry is requested to develop and propose to the Government a program of processing and production of final goods from raw alumina, precious metals and stones.

The ministries of economy and trade, education and industry, and the main geological department are obliged to propose to the Government their conclusions on further development of preparation of specialists in the field of geology and processing mining ore at the account of reduction of some specialties that has a limited demand in labor market and financial resources for this specialties, establishing a state institute of geology on the basis of Geology college of Dushanbe and College of mountainous metallurgy of Chkalovsk and starting in 2006-2007 enrollment of  students.

It is known that agriculture is a main source of food and industrial raw material production. Provision of food independence of the country and improvement of the economic conditions of the people depend on steady development of agriculture.

Along with achievement of the past years in production of a number of agricultural goods, in particular cotton existing potential was not used properly. Inefficient activities of cotton growing farmers caused the increase of their debts to investors.

In this regard, it is necessary for an independent Commission on decision of debt problems of cotton growing farmers jointly with international financial organizations to thoroughly analyze the routs of debt between cotton growing farmers and investors, and to make its proposals on the solution ways. 

One of the ways of improvement the financial situation of the farmers and provision favorable conditions for making available financial resources is mortgaging the right of land use. This step could provide timely return of the credits granted by crediting organizations and other sources.

For legal regulation of issue of mortgaging the right of land use, it is necessary to introduce amendments and changes to Civil and Land codes.

Nowadays, due to deterioration and inefficiency of the agricultural equipments, the farmers are facing many difficulties. In this connection, establishing of leasing relations is one of the ways to restore the number of agricultural machines and strengthening its material and technical basis. 

It is necessary for the ministries of the economy and trade, agriculture, justice and finance jointly with the National bank to develop and realize a mechanism for regulation of leasing relations.

It is necessary for the Government of Tajikistan alongside with proper and effective realization a Program on reconstruction and development of the gardening for 2006-2010 and a Program reconstruction and development of the bee-farming for 2006- 2010 in order to encourage agriculture goods processing and its export potential to develop, adopt and realize a State program on development of processing and exporting agricultural products for the period till 2015.

Steady economic development of the country is impossible without independence in energy and provision of all sectors with power.

Taking into account this, the Government of Tajikistan is constantly striving to ensure sustainable development of energy. In this purposes during past years there were constructed Hydropower station Pomir 1 and other 26 mini hydropower stations, according to the agreement with companies form Russia and Iran construction of great sites such as Rogun, Sangtuda 1 and Sangtuda 2 have been started.

At the same time, the ministry of energy and company Barki Tojik are tasked to develop and propose to the Government in three months a Special long-term Program of construction of several mini hydropower stations at the account of domestic and foreign investments for the period of 2007 2020.

It should be mentioned that in the case of creation of the international hydro energy consortium and practical realization of perspective plan of development of energy of Tajikistan till 2025 there will be annually produced 80 billion kilowatt per hour power.

For full provision of domestic needs in power and its export to the countries of the region it is necessary simultaneously to construction of the hydropower stations to accelerate construction of transferring infrastructures. In this field, first of all, construction of the electric transfer line South North amounted 550 million somoni should be started in 2006 and in cooperation with international financial organizations elaboration of construction project of the electric transfer lines Roghun-Kabul-Herat-Mashad and Roghun-Kabul-Islamabad should accelerated.

In general, for the development of the energy sector of our country taking into account attraction of the domestic and foreign investments there is envisaged more than 5 billion somoni. Effective use of the financial resources and realization of investment projects will provide energy independence of Tajikistan by 2009.

At the same time it should be stressed that there are many shortcomings in the issue of effective realization investment projects, ensuring transparency of material and equipments supply, import of power, realization of proper man power policy, reduction of non-productive expenses of energy sector.

It is necessary for the Government and Committee on State financial control under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan to take concrete steps for eliminations of shortcomings provision of quality and transparency in realization of the investment projects in energy sector.

At the same time the Committee on State financial control is tasked strictly to control the process of targeted and proper use of financial resources of investment projects in the country.

Taking into account development sector of the country are the ministries of education, economy and trade, finance, energy and the company “Barqi Tojik” are obliged to make there proposals to the Government on establishment by the company “Barqi Tojik” a State institute of energy of Tajikistan on the basis of Energy college of Qurghon-Teppa.

Attraction of investments requires healthy environment and favorable conditions. In this regard, regulation of foreign exchange activity according to the normative and legislative documents should be simplified.

Therefore, the ministries of economy and trade, finance, state revenues and taxes, justice and National bank are obliged to analyze thoroughly obstacles in that direction and take targeted steps for improvement and simplification of the requirements of normative and legal documents regulating investment activities. Also concrete proposals should be made to the Government on more simplification of the regulations for registration and tax payment of the enterprises investing in priority sectors of the economy.

One of the main conditions of economy development is the establishment of modern manufacturing and social infrastructure.

There are more than 3 billion US dollars are assimilated until today for this purpose owing to local funds and attraction of foreign investment through the realization of joint investment projects. 

At the present time, there are 40 investment projects in total amount of 1.9 billion somoni are under the implementation in the country, that for the restoration of social infrastructure, in particular for the education and health marked more than 233 million somoni, water supply and the reconstruction of water nets marked more than 278 million somoni and for the development of agricultural sphere marked more than 384 million somoni.

Simultaneously, within the framework of realization of UN Declaration on decade of «Water for life» that was accepted by the offer of Tajikistan the Ministry of melioration and water industry will be commissioned to prepare a draft of the Program of improvement water supply system to the population of Tajikistan for the periods of 2007-2020 and submit to the Government within six months.

In order to take out Tajikistan from the situation of communication deadlock construction of the roads, internal and international bridges is the one of the strategic goals of the Government.

Unveiling of Kulob-Khorugh-Kulma-Karokorum highroad, Anzob tunnel, three bridges in Tajik – Afghan border area, construction of Dushanbe – Kurgantube – Kulob highway, as well as the continuation of construction of Dushanbe – Nurabad – Jirgatal – Saritash, that there are more than 200 million somoni will be spent for its two phases, are the significant attainments in overcoming communication deadlock and economic development of the country.

Along with the completion of the construction of great international bridge in Pyandj area is planed next year that links Tajikistan with the Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and the sea-ports in total amount of 90 million somoni. As well as the reconstruction of Dushanbe – Khudjand – Mastchoh highroad, Ayni – Panjakent, construction of Shahriston pass and Shar-Shar tunnel that their total construction fund is 820 million somoni will begin this year. Beginning of the construction of Kurgantube – Pyandji poyon and road tunnel of Chormagzak and Fakhrabad are planned in a near future.                    

The construction of new great communication sites and reconstruction of existing highways are under permanent attention of the Government of Tajikistan. For their building it is planned to attract more than 1,5 billion somoni taking into account foreign investments during the period of 2006-2008.

Realization of these goals will gives an opportunity to increase transit potential of the country and to connect Tajikistan through international trans-Asian highways to the ports of Pakistan and Iran, and by the year 2008 to put an end to isolation completely.

In order to achieve this purpose, it is necessary for ministries of finance, economy and trade, transport as well as National bank to take measures on attraction of foreign privileged loans and grants assistance.

Alongside of provision the favorable conditions for automobile connections we should ensure development of air and railway transports. But the mentioned sectors are facing still many difficulties that put obstacles in increase of the level of services.

Therefore, it is necessary to take steps for better functioning of the railway transport, improvement of the service level, strengthening transport ties and exploitation of the railways as a transit lines between countries.

The Government is obliged to expedite improvement of the quality of services to clients, bringing them in conformity to international standards in the sphere air transportation, decision of the problems of reconstruction of the structure of a State air unitary enterprise “Tojikiston” and renewing the park of airplanes, as well as to take necessary steps towards entering of the foreign air companies to the market of international air services in Tajikistan.

Development of the banking system and realization of monetary policy plays significant role in improving of economy of the country.

The total volume of investments of the financial organizations, which is the most important index of banking activities, increased in 2005 to 22,3% in comparison with the year of 2000 when it had comprised 17,2 % of GDP.

Maintaining defined inflation level, balancing exchange rate of the national currency, stability of position of banks and financial organizations, in particular, expansion of their numbers at the account of micro-crediting organizations, increase of savings and use of new types of credits are confirmation of improvement of banking system activities and monetary, crediting and currency policy in the country.        

First of all, coordination of monetary and currency policy with budged and fiscal policy has played significant role in realization of monetary and currency policy.

In the rural, mountainous regions of the country were established more than 20 micro-crediting organizations aimed at development of entrepreneurship, in particular, support of small and medium entrepreneurship. The volume of their credits together with the banks of the country comprised 310 million somoni and this work will be continued.

It is worth mentioning, that strengthening process of the banking system has promoted an increase in number of the clients of financial organizations and only in 2005 the volumes of their savings has comprised 539 million somoni and increased to 85%.

For protection of rights and interests of depositors and strengthening of confidence in the banking system, it is necessary to introduce changes in relevant legal documents on presenting information about depositor to a third person only by the decision of the court.

At the same time necessary steps are to be taken to regulate financial market, in particular, to systemize stock market, insurance services and activities of non-state pension funds that play in the economic development vital role.

To continue this activities improved banking system of the country, National bank, the stock and trade banks should take additional and significant steps, first of all, to provide transparency of the banking activities, proper regulation of its system, encouragement of attraction of foreign investments in production, support of private sector, proposing micro-credits for development of small and medium entrepreneurship in the rural and mountainous regions, reduction of credit interest rates as well as improvement of the level of banking services.

Further development of market economy close connected to right implementation of tax and budget policy.

Therefore, its further development which is essential for creation of favorable conditions for private entrepreneurship, attraction of foreign direct investment, establishment of relevant relations between the taxpayers, tax and customs administrations will be continued.

In order to strengthen the tax and customs administrations activity the draft paper on investment with the budget of 64 million somoni is now under the consideration. It envisages its further computerization and modernization.

In order to provide the transparency in tax collection and fruitful use of the state resources it is important to elaborate and adopt State Program on informatization of tax, customs and finance structures of the country.

At the same time the Ministry on State Revenues and Taxes, the Ministry of Economy and Trade, the Agency on Standardization, Quality and Inspection entrusted to take the relevant measures on upgrading the level of responsibility among the stuff, prevention of goods smuggling, strengthening control on importing goods, strengthening the labor discipline and observing professional comity.

In order to provide the expedient use of State budget resources, transparency of expenses, development of treasury system of the Government and regional executive governmental bodies (hokimiyats) it is necessary to take the relevant actions in complete use the electronic system of subsidizing until 2008, further improvement of the accounting system, upgrading the level of responsibility among the managing staff in accounting and proposing necessary information on statistics, as well as upgrading the accounting system of the enterprises in accordance with the international standard demands.

Draft laws “On auditing the activity of economic subjects” and “On changes and amendments to the Tax Code of the Republic Tajikistan” which are under the consideration aimed at elimination of obstacles in rapid development of private entrepreneurship and regulation of the tax auditing issues.

The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan is entrusted in a limited period of time to elaborate and proposes to the Parliament of the Republic of Tajikistan Draft law “On Amnesty of citizens and judicial persons of the Republic of Tajikistan due to legalization of their property”.

For the development of the national economy foreign economic relations plays significant role. Taking it into the account, Tajikistan is taking stable steps towards integration with the international Organizations. It has already been for 5 years that our country has an observer status in WTO and conducting negotiations with authoritative Organization for joining it.

In this connection, the Ministry of Economy and Trade entrusted jointly with the other relevant Ministries and Bodies to take concrete steps in order eliminate all existing barriers to bring the current legislation in conformity with the requirements of multilateral trade system and continuation of bilateral negotiations to provide membership of Tajikistan in the Organization.    

I would like once again to stress that the development of market economy is irreversible and our main goal in the framework of the establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation with international financial Organizations aimed at acceleration of economic reforms in all spheres and on this bases the improvement of the level and quality of population life.

Dear audience,

According to the Constitution Tajikistan has been declared as a social state and committed to provide for its citizens deserving life and free development.                                                     

A new attitude of the citizen and state appeared in the social basis of the state that has a goal to gradually improve the living standard of the population. In this connection, solution of the social issues of the country is one of the priority directions of internal policy of the state.

Within several last years a half of the state budget constantly is being directed for the development of social spheres, especially education, health, social protection of the population, improvement of quality and the living standard of the people through salary increase of budget spheres’ employees, pension, scholarship, maintenance of poor families taking into account the definition of the volume of compensation and other social payments.

If more than 148 million somoni or 39% of the budget spent for the social spheres in 2001, then in 2006 this figure reached to 750 million somoni that it consists 50 % of the state budget expenditures.

The financing of the education and health care spheres has been gradually increased owing to this account. Financing of the education sphere in 336 million and health sphere in 106 million somoni is foreseen in 2006 that it is more in 86 million and 20 million somoni accordingly in comparison with the index of the last year. Financing of the cultural sphere is increased sevenfold in comparison with 2000 as well.

Along with this, there are 60 million somoni for the repairing, equipping, reconstruction and building of the educational establishments and 20 million somoni for the reforms of the healthcare sphere will be additionally aimed at the expenses of the grants in 2006-2007.

As well as there 70 million somoni at the expenses of the reserve fund of the President are aimed for the development of socio-economic spheres of the country that it is 85 % of the social spheres at whole.

During this time the salary of the budget personnel, pension, scholarship and various compensations increased three times in average.

More priority attention will be attached to social spheres within following years as well; increase of the financing of education and healthcare spheres and, including the improvement of salary structure of the employees will be foreseen in the state budget.

It should be noted, that income part of the state budget this year will be increased in a volume of 251 million somoni in comparison 2005 and 160 million somoni or 64 % of this amount will be aimed for the increase of the salary, pension and scholarship. Due to Decree of the President of Tajikistan from April 1, 2006 minimum wage, salary of the budget organizations and establishments, pension and scholarship have increased with the aim of the social protection of the population.

Taking into consideration economic possibilities of the state we gradually take necessary steps for the increase of the minimum wage, pension and compensation payments and we will continue this process in future as well.

In order to regulate the issues of the salary and improvement of the purchasing power of the citizens we planned a Draft of the Salary Concept that has two phases of the realization in 2006-2009 and 2010-2015.

Today for the gradual reform of the salary, remove of the misfit of the volume of the definite circles of the employees, comparison of professional salaries and improvement of the efficiency of exist ensuring of privileges, that defined by law we envisaged the monetization of all kinds in 2009.

One of the important directions of the social policy of the state is taking care of the orphans, invalids, pensioners, vulnerable aged peoples and their social maintenance. At the present time, state financing of orphanages and boarding schools for the provision and bringing up orphans in boarding schools consist 405 somoni per person in a month and we will take a care of its increase of volume in future. The state takes all necessary measures in order to create a favorable and merit conditions, their social protection and better life for these vulnerable groups of the population.

The Government of Tajikistan subsidies more than 20 kinds of the compensation payments in an amount of 40 million somoni of the state budget to poor families and indigent citizens every year.

We have to note, that the issues of social protection of the invalids and Great War veterans is in the centre of Governments’ attention.

Especially we took a number of measures for the increase of the volume of pension, creation of necessary conditions for the rest and treatment, improvement of living way of them; however they are not so satisfactory.

In this regard, from the 1st of May 2006 establish additionally 100 somoni of the President pension per month to state pensions of the participants and Great War veterans as well as for the women who lost their partners in war.           

With the object of more intensification of social policy of the state a draft of the Social protection Concept has been prepared, that envisage a state measures of the social protection of the population for further years.

Taking into consideration a fact, that employment, creation of new workplaces and social maintenance of the unemployed people is one of the vital aspects of society, the law of the Republic of Tajikistan «About maintenance to employment of the people» has adopted that the state programs of the people employment will gradually be realized on the basis of this law.

During 1992 – 2005 there are 12 programs were worked out and implemented by the Government of Tajikistan regarding this issue, that within the framework of these programs more than 800 thousand people were supplied by workplaces. Creation of workplaces for the thousands of the people and allocation of 75 thousand hectares of the land for their use were one of the serious initiatives of the state.

In this regard, we well know that Government efforts are not sufficient in this direction yet. Therefore, for the sake of the improvement of state policy employment maintenance and creation of job places within the country, as a next duty the Government is being commissioned to work out and ensure the implementation of the long-term Plan of the creation of workplaces, the Concept of employment for the period of 2007-2015 and National program of support and development of little and medium entrepreneurship.                  


The main objective of state policy in the sphere of labour migration, social and legal protection of the population of the Republic of Tajikistan, temporary working abroad, is regulation of arrival and departure, prevention from illegal migration and establishment of legality in the process of migration.

  The adoption of labour migration program for citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan for the years 2006-2010 will be one of the important aspects of resolving the problem.  

   Especially, signing and the approval of the Agreement between  the Republic of Tajikistan and the Russian federation on labour activity  and protection of our citizens rights in Russia and Russian citizens in the Republic of Tajikistan provides for wider opportunities of labour migration regulation. In this connection, it is important for the Ministry of labour and social protection of the population and other state bodies to take relevant measures in implementation of population employment and labour migration plans, in preparation of professional staff by providing professional education and dispatching people abroad.   

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population obliged to take necessary measures in protecting the rights of Tajik migrants in other countries, mostly in Russia.      

Its worth to mention that during the last meetings with youth,  the representatives of educational sphere, women associations and intelligentsia we have comprehensively considered and analyzed the problems of the development of other social spheres mentioned above and defined the priorities and important tasks for taking all necessary measures for its further realization.

It is impossible to imagine the stable society growth without the development of science and education, culture, health care and strengthening of the economic, political and social potential of the country without active participation of women and youth.

Therefore you dear members of the Parliament should elaborate and adopt those legislative acts that aimed at consistent and purposeful development of social spheres.

Dear Members of Majlisi Milli and the representatives of Majlisi Namoyandagon,

The primary goal of our foreign policy as an independent subject of international relations, which was the logical continuation of complex and multilateral strategy and its relevant bodies during the period of independence, directed at providing the national interests, first of all freedom, independence, security, stability and relevant conditions for the development of Tajikistan.

It must be mentioned that the implementation of regional and international strategy of Tajikistan is taking place in a complex and fast changing conditions of the 21 century, and its processes has an influence to the context of social existence of the country and the people.

We are witnessing the development of globalisation processes. The globalisation has great opportunities for the development and at the same time it possesses serious threats to human life.

At the present historical time of Tajikistan the globalisation processes and connecting to its trends despite of general means would have lasting positive influence to the fate of our motherland and the people.

First, development of Tajikistan was taking place in the conditions of serious political and ideological crises, after the civil war and difficulties of its aftermath’s, not existence of structures and mechanisms of active governmental management, as well as huge economic and social problems and foreign interference.

Second, at the same time our newly independent state initiated the creation and strengthening of main political and governing constitutional structures in all spheres, first of all, in the sphere of economy by starting the relevant reforms, which is naturally aimed at accelerating the social processes and creating the relevant bases for durable activity of internal political potentials and influential efforts of different regional and international circles and groups.

Third, globalisation as everywhere possessed serious threats to national identity, highest moral values and national aspects. That is why our decisive efforts in protecting it were the priority directions of internal and external activity of newly independent Tajikistan.

Fourth, in a result of globalisation the activity of terrorist and extremist groups, as well as illegal drug trafficking that have limited influence, has expanded and this factors has became the serious global threats. Newly independent Tajikistan in a front struggle faced with strong pressure. With the existence of internal difficulties and the destructive influence of the regional situation we have take solid position in protecting our country’s, regional, as well as international security and stability from destructive consequences. Life proved the rightness of our position.

Fifth, globalisation did not assisted in improvement of relations and further stability in international structure and to the possible threats of clash civilisation. Such a situation possesses serious threats to all countries, especially to newly independent countries.

Another important tendency which posed growing influence to the realisation of national interests and our objectives was the process of regional development, especially in the sphere of economy.

Combination of objective and subjective factors, first of all, rapid diminishing of vital and strategic reserves, especially resources of energy and other fuels, growing needs for necessary vital and natural resources caused new forms of existing international competition and resistance.

This threat is evident for Central Asian region, because it has great vital economic resources and very important geo-strategic and geopolitical position. It’s naturally, that the main world forces are striving for playing active role in our region.

This main trend of today’s world and processes connected to it arouses the necessity of perceiving the responsibilities and global interests.

In this conditions the establishment of beneficial international cooperation in diminishing the main global threats – terrorism, extremism, trafficking, illegal drug trafficking, trans-national crime, as well as ecological and man-caused disasters are the main joint operations of today’s society.

The prevention of consequences of other very dangerous trends, first of all “clash of civilisations” is one of the very important tasks of humanity.

In our opinion, a real key in world society’s achievement is the elaboration and implementation of overwhelming strategy and real participation of all countries in solving the mentioned vital universal problems and providing the global interests.

The real perceiveness of national interests in accordance of today’s world was the reason of our active participation in solving the very important global issues.

Our participation in establishment and further operation of international campaign against global drug trafficking, especially historical initiative of Tajikistan in adoption of Decade of Action “Water for life” Program for the period of 2005-2015, which was supported by more than 140 world countries and successfully implemented on international level under the framework of different programs are the clear evidence of our effective participation in solving the actual problems of humanity.

The above mentioned trends and processes has changed the other very important global issue – the development and further strengthening of international system. In our opinion, the solution of this problem is possible only by providing inalienability and recognition of the role of adjusting the elements and norms of international law, first of all, in observing the state sovereignty and equality of intergovernmental relations, respect for the highest human values and creative cooperation. The use of role of the UN with the creative cooperation of regional and international Organizations and all countries is the main condition for the implementation of the said action.

In elaboration and adoption of complex strategy and proved foreign policy during the independence, especially last years, we took into consideration these trends and processes and other important aspects of fast changing world and tried to provide in appropriate level the strategic and current interests of our country and the people under the framework of the policy of “open doors”.

The establishment and development of friendly relations and fruitful cooperation with the Russian Federation, the United States of America, and The Peoples Republic of China are the great and historical achievements of this strategy.

Our multisided relation with the Russian Federation in a result of joint active actions has changed into the strategic partnership aimed at providing the lasting national interests of both countries. During the last years this relations were further accelerated and developed.

First of all I would like to stress the high level of political cooperation, which serves as a very important element for the development of strategic cooperation in the sphere of policy, security, military and information on bilateral level and under the framework of Organisation for Collective Security Treaty.

Regeneration of valuable relations in scientific, cultural and humanitarian sphere served as a very important factor in conducting the Cultural days of Tajikistan in Russia last autumn. It is very important to develop sustainable scientific and cultural cooperation for wider use of its achievements.

One of the most effective and important stages of this strategic partnership is cooperation in the field of economy. In 2005 we have initiated the construction of Rogun and Sangtuda–1 Hydro Power stations. Generally, total volume of the Russian investment to our country will reach 2.5 billion US dollar in future years. At the same its worth mentioning that we should actively use the unlimited advantages of our fruitful cooperation in the sphere of energy, light industry, construction industry other production spheres and existed infrastructure.

Expanding and further developing cooperation with the United States of America is one of the main important achievements of the foreign policy of our independent country. We are developing our political relations on the bilateral and multilateral bases by involving the new spheres and directions.

The valuable aspects of our cooperation include combating terrorism, illegal drug trafficking and other world threats for the sake of regional and international security and stability. Most of all, our cooperation in the sphere of border management and security will make use of all our potential. It is important to further protect and develop the balanced approach in fight against global threats.                                                  

We are supporting the development of economic relations, especially in construction of profitable hydro-energy objects and infrastructure, as well as other relative spheres.

It’s worth to mention that this approach is also supported by the high officials of the United States of America.

We should underline that the volume of technical and humanitarian grant of the United States of America within 2002 – 2005 reached 193.6 million US dollar, that we thank.  

The development of friendly relations with our neighbour the Peoples Republic of China is important historical achievements of independent Tajikistan.

The high level of cooperation between two friendly countries gave us an opportunity to resolve politically and legally the standing for hundreds years border issue.

It’s resulted in strengthening the independence of the country and created favourable conditions for further expanding friendly relations in sphere of border control, growing economic ties, regional and international cooperation.

The constructive political and economic relations of two countries we consider as a main factor of strengthening security and creating favourable atmosphere for cooperation in the region.

In this stage it should be mentioned that as a result of active and constructive participation of Russia, China and other countries the Shanghai Organisation for Cooperation has became the authoritative Organisation with modern mechanisms of fighting against serious global threats, providing security and stability and wider regional cooperation.                     

The development of fruitful and mutually beneficial relations with developed western countries, first of all, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy as well as countries of Eastern and Southern Europe are the main direction of our foreign policy. With many of them we maintain constructive political relations by accelerating trade exchange and growing our export.

Despite of this, the cooperation in the sphere of economy, infrastructure, information, science and technology still does not meet our current and durable interests.

We have an opportunity to provide the high level of cooperation with some countries of Europe and European Union.

In the other important aspect of our foreign policy – mutually fruitful relations with the CIS countries, first of all with the countries of Eurasian Economic Cooperation and Organisation for Collective Security Treaty we have reached evident achievements. Mostly it’s belonging to our neighbouring Central Asian countries.                                                                                                         

    Today, broad and constructive economic regional cooperation has a vital importance. Especially, construction of infrastructure objects first of all electricity transmission net, modern highroads, hydro-power stations, production, investment and financial enterprises are in the favor of all the countries.

Our region has a plenty of resources and can be definitely self-supplied by energy, petrol and food.

In our point of view, regional cooperation in the Central Asia today needs for new and modern stage that we stressed it for time and again.

Nowadays, this importance is noted by the special institutions of UN and developed countries of the world. Bright example of this point is United Nations Development Program’s Statement on Human Development in the Central Asia.

On those spheres and different arenas a regional cooperation is thoroughly considered, an importance of appeared impediments, ensuring of “human aspect borders”, cooperation and all-rounded integration of the countries of the region, strengthening of security and stability, broad and constructive promotion of international society is rightly noted as well.

Their full implementation allows twice increase a speed of economic growth and enables Central Asia within short historic time to become as a dynamic and fast speed growing region of the world. We need merely political will for it.

Within the realization of regional and international strategy the establishment and strengthening of friendship relation, broad and mutual benefit cooperation with Iran, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan had and have a significant importance.

Our relationship with the common-in-culture and language country – Islamic Republic of Iran has been strengthening within last years and covers all the spheres and important areas of life.

In particular, advancing economic cooperation will further improve the level of this relation: completion of Anzob tunnel program, construction of “Sangtuda-2” hydro-power station and other vital objects will present a bright symbol of fruitful and valuable cooperation of two friendly countries, as well as will achieve joint eternal and a real contribution values in the regional cooperation.

The establishment of our relations with the neighbor Afghanistan was built within very difficult and terrible political period in the country.

With the collapse of the radical system, gradual ensuring of stability and secure, especially the revival of important structures of this suffered country has established a strong base for comprehensive relations.

Moreover, our cooperation in combating illegal drugs trafficking, ensuring border secure and stability, encourage of the activity of economic subjects and socio-cultural structures, especially effective implementation of offered economic programs are need for high and modern grade.

Revival and enhance of wide cooperation with India is the important achievement of our foreign policy. Within the period of fast economic grow of Tajikistan and India the favorable and necessary conditions will be gradually created for new stage economic, technical and technological cooperation, above all in the area of utilization of advance computer and information networks.

Within relatively short time we have established a constructive and mutual benefit relation. We hope, that the implementation of our interactions’ programs, first of all in the areas of hydro-energy and infrastructure will further promote the strengthening of the relationship.

Republic of Tajikistan has established a fruitful cooperation and relations with Republic of Turkey from the first days of its independence that our interaction today is in the high level.


In the process of summit dialogue this year in January the number of important documents were signed upon a broad cooperation of both countries and their subjects, that their realization will ensure high level of comprehensive bilateral cooperation in future.

In opinion, wide and mutual cooperation of the Central Asian countries with the West and South Asia is in the favor of all the peoples, progress and stability of our countries.

Tajikistan has reached the establishment of goodwill political relations with the Arabic states, like Saudi Arabia, Arabic Republic of Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Tunisia. But the level of our economic interaction still does not meet the long-term interests and existing opportunities up to now. Our structures and competent authorities have to actively and effectively strive in this direction.

The role of the organizations and various Islamic institutions, especially the Organization of Islamic Conference is very significant in the realization of effective cooperation and modern level of Islamic world.

We have expressed our invariable point of view regarding method, ways and mechanisms of ensuring a new level of cooperation for the sake of the progress of all the Muslim countries and prosperous life of all Muslim families on the Third Extraordinary OIC Summit in Mekkah in December 2005 that was fully supported.

Our current cooperation with the developed countries of East and South Eats Asia – Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand has been improving, but it needs more efforts for the highest level.

The role of interstate organizations and different international subjects is an important phenomenon of the end of XXth and beginning of XXIth centuries.

We highly appreciate their role in regulation and definition of directions of comprehensive international cooperation.

The Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe, Organization of Islamic Conference, North Atlantic Treaty Organization and other major interregional and regional organizations are able to play an important role with the active aspiration for the implementation of goal programs, ensuring observance of law and charter provisions, balanced and constructive position, joint interaction with the interested countries and United Nations in ensuring security, favorable cooperation and further progress conditions.

Our developing and fruitful cooperation with the social, cultural and international humanitarian institutions, first of all UNESCO that it is another important result which holding of Tajikistan’s Day in UNESCO became its bright symbol.

In our point of view, constructive cultural and civilization dialogue as well as a broad humanitarian relationship is the sensitive stage of human history. 

The improvement of the activity of international nongovernmental social, cultural and humanitarian organizations and institutions is the clear event of nowadays. Our relation with them is constructive.

At the same time it is necessary that these organizations and institutions act due to requirements of the law and their own charter norms, thus promote further relations and comprehensive cooperation.

In the result, development and consistent realization of all-round strategy and international examination taking into account the goals and high interests of the Motherland, at the same time their coordination to needs and global interests is the motive of formation of independent Tajikistan as an independent, active and respected member of the world community.

It is a long-awaited national dream and valuable historic achievement. And it is our task and sacred duties to all-round improve and strengthen them for the sake of ensuring bright future of the Motherland.

The analysis of the process, current and long-term tendency forecasts that provision of our national interests will be implemented in the most complicated, regional and international conditions.

This reality requires that state, country and our people have to keep abreast of the times, cover exact and comprehensive consciousness, do strive and make efforts for the benefit of the realization of the goals and long-term national tasks within the regional and world level, taking into the consideration of responsibility, awareness, political knowledge, foresight and carefulness and the sense of patriotism as well.

Responsible structures, first of all, the Ministry of foreign affairs should strive to make our strategy an apparent, clear pragmatic and opened. The current activity of the Ministry, embassies and various representatives of the country has to promote for the strengthening of international positions of Tajikistan, peaceful economic progress of country and improvement of the images of our great national values.            

Dear fellow citizens!

Today, Tajikistan as independent state and full member of world society is steadily steps forward upon the perspective political, economic, social and spiritual goals, meanwhile developing its current and future both internal and foreign policy.

Within relatively short historic period thanks to support of the glorious people of the country and worthy sons of the nation, as well as the disinterested cooperation of all the groups of population, including your support – distinguished representatives of the people, undertaking great constructive works with the existed difficulties we could projected long-term perspective plans and action ways. 

Step-by-step development and in advance establishment of future basis – is the requirement of the time and new millennium. As a world community and civilized countries of the world have been developing in a century of scientific-technical progress with the velocity of space.

We have not to miss the high-speed train of the century and change our loved Motherland into the modern, advanced economic, prosperous and technologically developed country.

In the world full of clashes and serious global competitive in order to keep present and future fate of the people, to protect full independence and national governing, to ensure security and stability of society, to protect the interests of the nation requires the execution of important tasks and strategic programs for further decade development of the country.

In this connection, due to our material-financial abilities we undertook vital strategic goals – energy independent, food self-supply, overpass a communication isolation, provision of stable development of economy, consistent social policy, strengthening of security and stability of the country and we want to equate our loved Motherland – Tajikistan with the developed countries of the world.

Those works that we have jointly completed and will further continue to execute them are not yet enough relatively with the fast grow progress of new century and the achievements of developed countries of the world.

The people of the country hope for the results and greater achievements, solution of vital problems – more increase of salary and pension, premiums, creation of workplaces, sustainable supply of electricity and gas, improvement of the service system, house building and construction of modern buildings, strengthening of law supremacy, combating crime and improvement of living standard of the people.

We have to direct all our efforts and abilities for the sake of the implementation of these important and vital goals of society; we should be responsible and generous, execute our tasks and duties with the high sense of patriotism, inspire all community to make efforts and guide them for the benefit of prosperity of Motherland.

Moreover, to march in step with the time and meet the demands of modern society requires more significant efforts and respectful relations regarding the current and future fate of the country from any leader, representative, specialist, responsible officer of all the stages of state management, in general from all the glorious citizen of the nation.

We have to rely on the people and to be as the pioneers of constructive and creative works. Naturally Tajik people have a strong will and great creative potentials.

You all are the witnesses that in spite of the difficulties young Tajikistan state just thanks to support of the people of the country could reach high achievements within fifteen years of its independence.

Now, our mission is consisted to enhance the achievements, to guide the glorious people of Tajikistan to the way of prosperity and progress, sustainable and consistent growth, as well as strive to raise the voice of independent Tajikistan in an international arena.

I reiterate that the way of our newest state-building and governing was very complicated and full of the problems during fifteen years of independence; however, we overcame it with the strong will of the peoples, countenance of great ancestors and hard strive of worthy sons of the nation for the prosperous constructions and creations.

I’m confident that famous, honorable and ancient Tajik nation can realize more vital tasks and duties for the sake of the bright future and further prosperous development of our Motherland.

As I’ve previously addressed at the outset of my speech, the people of Tajikistan will celebrate the great events of its history this year, like – 15th Anniversary of State Independence, anniversary of Aria civilization and 2700th anniversary of Kulob. We are convicted that these holy national events and celebrations will promote the development and intensification of self-awareness, national unity and patriotic pride of all the Independent Tajikistani people, at the same time will be in favor of the prosperity of our ancestry’s Motherland.

Also these events will illustrate important and vital fact to our people, that merely united, self-aware and glorious people and state can be protected from the separation at the difficult time of confrontation and challenges. 

Let a strong will and creative potentials of our beloved nation appeal us to the ways of future generosity, new and valuable achievements.           

Let our beloved Tajikistan be on a level with the developed countries of the world with the advanced governing system and national feature aspects.

I wish you and all the people the country strength of courage, new and valuable achievements in your difficult and honorable way.

Thank you!

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