President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Participation in the plenary session of the Central Executive Committee of the People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan

07.02.2019 17:50, Dushanbe city

The Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon took part and spoke at the plenary session of the Central Executive Committee of the People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan (PDPT). The session took place at the National Library of Tajikistan.

During the meeting, the members discussed and summed up previous year’s activities of the Central Executive Committee, the activities of the regional executive committees, as well as those overseeing city and district branches. The action plan for 2019 was also defined.

The meeting was attended by members of the Board and Central Executive Committee of PDPT, factions of the party in the parliament, leaders of a number of relevant structures and departments, senior officials of the Central Executive Committee, leaders and representatives of regional, city and district executive committees, representatives of the media, active members of the party and the youth organization "Sozandagoni Vatan".

The PDPT Chairman Emomali Rahmon emphasized that loyalty to the aspirations of the people, determination and responsibility are the core principles of the party.

It was noted that ambitious goals are set for the effective implementation of the party’s program aimed at reaching a new level of sustainable economic development and construction of large-scale enterprises, which will contribute to raising the quality of life.

The PDPT Chairman Emomali Rahmon noted that the country's significant achievements are inextricably linked with PDPT. The political party with a great sense of responsibility has performed a series of new programs and beneficial strategies. Additionally, the PDPT participated in the development of important areas as well as political relations, and most importantly, gave impetus to the promotion of several key aspects of the party’s goals.

Currently, the PDPT has more than 460,000 members, 220,000 of whom are women. More than 176,000 members are between the ages of 18 and 30 and are considered the backbone of the party, also playing a significant role in the development of today's life in Tajikistan.

The Chairman stressed that raising the authority of the PDPT is a vital task of each party member. Today, the party has become a tremendous force that must solve people’s problems in a timely manner.

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