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Meeting with representatives of education sector of the capital on the Day of Knowledge and Peace Lesson

01.09.2022 12:00, Dushanbe city
Мулоқот бо аҳли маорифи пойтахт дар Рӯзи дониш ва дарси сулҳ  01.09.2022

On September 1, the Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, according to a good tradition, on the Day of Knowledge and Peace Lesson, delivered a speech in the new building of the Abuali Ibni Sino Tajik State Medical University.

The Head of State, Emomali Rahmon, sincerely congratulated all teachers, students and representatives of the country's education sector as a whole on the beginning of the new academic year and the Day of Knowledge, which begins with the Peace Lesson, as well as on the occasion of the opening of the main building of the Tajik State Medical University named after Abuali ibn Sino.

It was emphasized that in our independent Tajikistan September 1 is celebrated as a day of honoring science, knowledge, enlightenment and spirituality, which is a clear evidence of the constant and special attention of the Government of the country to the field of science and education. Since the first days of independence, the leadership of the state and the Government of the country have directed all resources and opportunities for the development of science and education, and this measure will continue uninterruptedly.

According to the President of the country, the future of the nation and the state is directly dependent on the patriotic and proud generation, which is distinguished by great love for its nation, education and knowledge of languages, a broad worldview, which masters creative professions and crafts.

The Leader of the Nation, Emomali Rahmon, began his speech by emphasizing the importance of peace and stated that the beginning of the new academic year with the Peace Lesson has a special meaning and significance for us, the people of Tajikistan. The glorious people of Tajikistan know the value of peace and tranquility, political stability and national unity, because this blessing came to us at a heavy price, therefore, as the apple of our eye, we protect peace, bow to the culture of peace, as a solid foundation for our social and spiritual life.

The President of the country stated that only peace and political stability are the most important factors in the realization of the intentions and dreams of every person, the implementation of creative plans for the prosperous future of the country and a decent life for the people.

Reflecting on the achievements in the field of education and the development of this important and leading sector of society, the Head of State, Emomali Rahmon, emphasized that 32 higher educational institutions, 41 institutions of secondary and primary vocational education and 3246 schools, including 156 educational institutions of a new type, that is, gymnasiums, lyceums and international schools, 300 preschool institutions have been created during the 31 years of independence, which is a clear evidence of the creative undertakings of the Government of the country.

In 2021 and 6 months of this year alone, 247 general secondary education institutions for more than 110,000 students were put into operation in the country.

Today, September 1, almost 2,300,000 children and adolescents of the country, including more than 1,110,000 girls, entered educational institutions, of which 272,000 (133,000 girls) crossed the threshold of the school for the first time. They are taught by over 128,000 teachers, over 72 percent of whom are women.

The Leader of the Nation, Emomali Rahmon, expressed satisfaction that the Tajik people have achieved such success thanks to the independence, freedom and selfless work of the people.

It was emphasized that during the period of independence, dozens of state programs aimed at ensuring the development of the education sector were adopted and implemented. In 2022, 6 billion 304 million somoni was allocated for education, which is 706 million somoni, or 11.3% more than in 2021, and accounts for 19% of the total state budget expenditures.

Also, 4 state investment projects are being implemented in the field of education for a total amount of more than 1 billion somoni.

This year, 5,323 young people graduated from higher educational institutions and 1,830 from teacher training colleges.

The Ministry of Education and Science was instructed, in cooperation with the heads of regions, cities and districts, to resolve the issue of full provision of educational institutions with teaching staff as soon as possible.

The President of the country, Emomali Rahmon, addressed teachers, parents, intellectuals, activists, society as a whole and stressed that they should put the issue of education and upbringing of adolescents and youth in the first place.

It was emphasized that educational programs of preventive and laboratory medicine have been revised in accordance with the state standard, and specific measures are being taken to train specialists.

Along with this, in order to expand work in this important area of healthcare and conduct high-level virological, genetic, immunological and microbiological research, it became necessary to create an Institute of Fundamental Medicine at the Tajik State Medical University named after Abuali ibn Sino. This was stated by the President of the country, Emomali Rahmon.

The creation of such an institute will contribute not only to the development of fundamental sciences, but also to the use of modern medical technologies to create conditions for high-quality laboratory services and training of specialists in this field.

Two years ago, in order to strengthen work in the field of personnel training, the “Program for training medical personnel for the period up to 2030” was adopted, the implementation of which directly contributes to the development of the healthcare sector and the improvement of the quality of medical care.

According to the instructions of the Head of State, during the meeting with healthcare workers, which took place on August 18, 2020, in order to improve the quality of training of medical specialists, the necessary changes and additions were made to the “Concept for reforming medical and pharmaceutical education in the Republic of Tajikistan”.

For 31 years, 31,614 healthcare professionals have been trained in the higher medical educational institutions of the country. During this period, 172,800 young people graduated from institutions of secondary vocational medical education. That is, during the period of independence, 204,413 specialists in the field were trained in higher and secondary medical institutions of the country. This year alone, 16,640 young people graduated from higher and secondary professional medical institutions.

To ensure the sustainable development of the healthcare sector, the Government of the country is gradually increasing funding. For example, if in 2019 the budget of the industry was 1 billion 740 million somoni, then in 2022 this figure was increased to 2 billion 882 million somoni, which is by 66% more than in 2019.

During the period of independence, 2723 healthcare facilities were built and put into operation on the territory of the country, and today there are 5116 medical institutions in the country. In just three years of preparations for the 30th anniversary of State Independence, 1858 healthcare facilities were built, and in 6 months of 2022 - 61 facilities.

In order to develop technical thinking and use modern methods and technologies in all areas, including in the field of medicine, the years 2020-2040 have been declared the “Years of Development of the Natural, Exact and Mathematical Sciences”, and the implementation of this program has been ongoing for the third year.

Regarding the implementation of this initiative, a relevant Decree of the Government of the country was adopted, and the Leader of the Nation proposed to revise the curricula and programs of institutions of general secondary and vocational education, giving more preference to the study of natural, exact, mathematical sciences and increasing the number of teaching hours in these subjects.

As of July 23 this year, the population of Tajikistan reached 10 million people. This figure increases the responsibility of health workers, especially in the area of maternal and child health care.

Considering that more than 240,000 children are born annually in the country, more attention should be paid to the training of pediatricians in the future.

President Emomali Rahmon also instructed the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population, other related structures and bodies to submit their proposals and conclusions to the Government of the country regarding the creation of the Republican Hospital for Children's Diseases and to improve the activities of the Scientific and Clinical Center of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery.

At the end of his speech, the Head of State, Emomali Rahmon, once again sincerely congratulated all teachers, students, all workers in the field of education and healthcare on the Day of Knowledge, the commissioning of the main building of the Tajik State Medical University named after Abuali ibn Sino and the 31st anniversary of State Independence of our beloved Motherland, which will come in a week.

After the speech of the President of the country, Emomali Rahmon, a group of students and teachers of the universities of the republic - Noziya Aminbekzoda, Tojiddin Rahmon, Izatullo Hamidzoda, Roziya Ghaffor, Mehrnigori Muzaffar and Ramazon Safarzoda spoke.

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