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Commissioning of "Koni Ganj" LLC cotton processing and vegetable oil production plant in Zafarobod district

31.03.2023 11:22, Zafarobod district
Ифтитоҳи корхонаи коркарди пахта ва истеҳсоли равғани растанӣ дар ҶДММ “Кони Ганҷ” дар ноҳияи Зафаробод   31.03.2023

The Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, within the scope of his working trip to Sughd Province, Zafarobod district, visited the cotton processing and vegetable oil production plant - "Koni Ganj" LLC.

This enterprise is located in Jomi rural community of the district, and was built on an area of 2.9 hectares. It was established by the local businessman Abdusamat Normatov with the introduction of modern devices and equipment.

The production plant was built in the light of the directives and instructions of the country's top leadership to contribute to the implementation of the fourth national goal - rapid industrialization of the country, and is considered a testimony of the practical implementation of the country's industrial development in every city and village of the country with the contribution of domestic entrepreneurs.

The production capacity of the cotton plant is to process 15 thousand tons of cotton per year. For this purpose, modern and energy-efficient devices and equipment have been imported and installed from the People's Republic of China and the United States of America. In the first stage of the enterprise, cotton is subjected to primary processing. The use of modern equipment makes it possible to produce cotton fiber up to 38%, and to produce 55% seed.

In 2022, the "Koni Ganj" company received 9 thousand tons of cotton and subjected it to primary processing. As soon as the oil factory is put into operation, the plant's own production method is fully used, and vegetable oil and various types of animal feed are produced from it.

The entrepreneur has decided to start production of soap at the next stage with the introduction of modern devices. The oil factory has the capacity to process up to 40 tons of seeds per day, the produced oil is of high quality, and this newly built enterprise makes a valuable contribution to the supply of the vegetable market.

The products of the factory are sold in the markets of Zafarobod district and other regions. As soon as this workshop is put into use, 20 local residents will be provided with permanent work, and more than 50 people will be employed seasonally throughout the year.

Viewing the company's products, President Emomali Rahmon instructed that the quality and competitiveness of these food products should be given the necessary attention.

Agricultural products of the district, such as grains, legumes, oilseed crops, various types of vegetables, potatoes and other types of food were exhibited.

It should be emphasized that there are 4,700 farms and agricultural cooperatives in Zafarobod district, and during 2022, the total agricultural output of the district was about 732 million somoni, which is equal to 115.2% compared to the same period in 2021.

At the same time, in the yard of the enterprise, high-breed cattle, cattle for the production of milk and meat, horses, sheep and goats, which are bred mainly in the district, were presented.

The Head of state, after getting acquainted with the achievements of the district's cattle breeding, positively evaluated the work of the farmers and gave specific instructions to the officials in order to further strengthen this profitable industry, to establish new livestock farms and poultry factories, to breed and care for high-breed cattle.

Here, the Head of state visited the exhibition of the products of the farmers of the district, of the skills of women's embroidery and samples of national handicrafts.

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