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Participation in the celebrations on the occasion of the Knowledge Day and the 70th anniversary of Kulob state University named after A. Rudaki

01.09.2015 09:01, Kulob city

September 1, 2015, on the second day of his working visit to the city of Kulob, President of the country Emomali Rahmon visited Kulob State University named after Abuabdullo Rudaki and took part in the opening ceremony of the University’s administrative building and at the lesson of peace which has coincided with the 70th anniversary of the University.

Initially, Head of state Emomali Rahmon cut the ribbon on the first day of the new academic year 2015-2016 and opened a large and modern building of Kulob State University and closely familiarized with its working conditions.

Construction works at this site began in 2014 and were carried out by builders of "Saddaryo" - People's Republic of China.

Plastering, painting, and installation work, as well as lighting and conduct electricity were held by 10 domestic construction companies, and provided the dozens of local residents with jobs and good wages.

Administration Building of Kulob State University consists of seven floors, there are a large assembly hall for 286 seats, a sports hall for 104 seats, a dining room for 200 people, and two auditoriums with 70 seats, electronic library and language laboratories.

Customer of this facility is the construction of governmental facilities management of the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan. The amount of construction amounted to 37 million somoni.

The second and third floors are the administrative offices, the fourth, fifth and sixth floors of the auditorium, computer and language classes, equipped with all necessary modern equipment.

President of the country Emomali Rahmon got familiarised with classrooms for the studying of Russian and English languages, computer classes, and sports and assembly halls, where he held a conversation with teachers and students.

Head of state Emomali Rahmon admonished young people to profound study of computer technology and foreign languages, which is the demand of time.

In the assembly hall, students were presented a meaningful narration of the history of the Tajik statehood in the period of independence, and the efforts of the Head of State, aimed at uniting the nation, as well as the history of the university.

President Emomali Rahmon in an interview, which was conducted in the corner of the achievements of teachers and students of the university, gave orders and instructions to the Ministry of Education and Science, the University administration regarding the training of young scientists.

After becoming acquainted with the new high school corps, President of the country Emomali Rahmon attended and spoke at a lesson of peace.

At the beginning of the lesson of Peace President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, pointing to the development of advanced sectors of society education and peace-loving policy of the Government of Tajikistan, said that the annual lesson of the peace and the beginning of the new school year with the participation of the Head of State in our country is a clear indication of the constant concern of State and Government of peace, political stability in society, the role and place of science and education, education and culture, and the efforts of teachers and students, that is, the future generation of the country.

Head of state Emomali Rahmon sincerely congratulated all educators, lecturers, teachers, students, schoolchildren and first-graders and those who are starting their first academic year at the elementary, secondary and higher vocational educational institutions in the country and overseas on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge, Lesson of peace and the new school year and wished them peace, stability, prosperity, good health and a successful study.

The President also expressed his appreciation for the patriotic contribution to domestic architects and builders, patriotic labor in the construction of this temple of science and education.

The President of the country has noted that the Kulob State University is one of the main centers of pedagogical training and development of the culture and literature of the country and thousands of graduates are operating in various educational institutions and spheres of our national economy in all regions of our country and abroad.

Only in the period of our state independence of the temple of science and education have graduated almost 20 thousand people.

Hundreds of state and public figures, famous poets, writers and masters of art are graduates of this university.

The President of the country recalled with his satisfaction that the October 12, 1994 my first election meeting as a candidate for the post of President with the support of the glorious people of Tajikistan, including teachers and students of this temple of science of the country took place in the hall of the University and which from the very first days and still wholeheartedly support the policy of the Government of Tajikistan, I was elected as head of state and devotedly working for the benefit of our dear people, for the progress and prosperity of our beloved homeland.

In his speech, the Head of state spoke about the important new measures of the Government of the country in the study of children, the results of the admission of applicants to higher education institutions of the country through the National Testing Center under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, and also he stressed that the test documents are handed over by 73700 students, of which 36,000 entered in higher educational institutions . That is, the plan of admission of students in the universities of the country made up 77.2%.

The Results of examinations by the National Testing Center have once again shown that the level and quality of education in the country needs serious improvement and decision-makers in education, heads of local executive authorities and other agencies and bodies should pay particular attention to the quality of learning, to strengthen control of all educational institutions of the country.

In view of facilitating the process of entry into the country's universities President Emomali Rahmon suggested in 2018 at the entrance examinations to establish the writing of essays and written works, entry into secondary vocational institutions fully implemented through the National Testing Center.

President Emomali Rahmon noted that in the course of today's lesson of Peace, I would like to share my detailed views on the current situation in the world today, contradictory processes that threaten the security, peace and stability in the world, including our country.

On such a sensitive stage, we, as a country that has experienced civil war, once again declare that we are supporters of peace and stability in the world to support the peaceful resolution of all conflicts and confrontations, strongly condemn extremism, and we will fight against all negative phenomena.

One of the disgraceful and dangerous phenomena of today's world is the involvement of young people in the alien and dangerous movements and currents, the commission of smuggling and drug trafficking, offenses contiguity to organized crime groups, the imitation of alien traditions, rituals, clothes that alienated adolescents and youth from national mentality.

We need to explain to young people to appreciate independence and sovereignty, peace, stability and national unity, to study science, to master modern profession, strive for improvement of the homeland, to respect their parents and teachers, in general, older, has noted the President of the country and emphasized that active women, youth education, labor veterans, patriotic women and girls of Khatlon Region and the ancient city of Kulob with the pride and respect that feed the national values ​​should always be an example of how to resist negative phenomena alien and imitate them. The student's time is not only a great period of youth, but also an important period of the study, the development of knowledge, professions and occupations, expanding horizons.

I therefore appeal to all the youth of the country to effectively use this period to put all their strength for the development of modern knowledge, trades and professions, learning foreign languages, and respect for the state language, history, culture and other national values ​​- said the President of the country Emomali Rahmon.

The Head of state with certainty noted that the glorious Tajik people, including proud and freedom-loving people of ancient Kulob, as before, with a strong will, respecting the achievements of the period of independence of the country, and even more will be hardworking and will make their worthy contribution to the prosperity and progress of our beloved Tajikistan.

During his speech, President of the country Emomali Rahmon stressed that, given the fruitful work of young teachers Kulob State University named after Abuabdullo Rudaki by apartment houses built in Kulob, 25 young teachers and scientists will present apartment.

The Head of state said that to continue to improve the lives of teachers will be built and presented another multi-storey residential building.

The initiative of President of the country Emomali Rahmon was greeted with delight by teachers and participants.

After a comprehensive statement, President Emomali Rahmon held a sincere conversation with the students and teachers of the university.

Teachers and young people expressed their sincere gratitude for the perfect gift to build a new and modern accommodation for Kulob State University.

According to serving students, but thanks to the support and care of a wise leader and lover of education Emomali Rahmon during the years of state independence of developing the education sector, improving conditions for learning in all educational institutions. As part of a successful social policy and the implementation of reforms in education throughout the country increased the number of educational institutions that have successfully implemented a program of computerization of schools, from year to year increases the number of presidential quota for admission of successful young girl and boys in the universities of the country and abroad.

All these measures require teachers to improve the quality of education, and students to study modern sciences, foreign languages ​​and computer technologies.


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